Law Office of Pearlette V. Toussant LLC


Attorney Toussant

We have vast experience in the legal field that spans for decades. We hope to share our values with you. We value high quality work through partnering with other like-minded solo and small law firms that use environmentally friendly practices such as e-faxes, scanning services, double-sided printing, shared office space, and alternative communication styles (conference calls, chatting, e-mails, etc. instead of traditional in person conferences, paper communication, and extensive travel). 

We Represent Clients In the Following Areas:

  • Business Consulting & Formation
  • Business & Personal Litigation
  • Contract Drafting & Review 
  • Negotiations & Strategic Visions
  • Franchising, Licensing, & Distribution
  • Trademarks & Branding
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes
  • Labor & Employment
  • Wills, Estate Planning, Wealth Preservation